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The MSBU is governed by the  Board of County Commissioners and the current MSBU site is maintained through the BOCC.

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The monthly MSBU Meeting will be held as follows:
Date: 1st Wednesday of the month
Time: 9:00 AM
Place: Citrus Springs Community Center (1570 W. Citrus Springs Blvd)

What is an MSBU?

“In 1993 Deltona announced it would no longer do maintenance for the community of Citrus Springs. Property owners sought the County’s help, and after several public meetings and negotiations, in August of 1994, the Citrus County Commission agreed to set up a special assessment district for the maintenance of Citrus Springs. This special assessment, levied through what is called a Muncipal Service Benefit Unit (MSBU) was expected to raise an estimated $ 680,000 a year and could be spent only in Citrus Springs: for paving 423 miles of road, installing street lights and fire hydrants, mowing the swales (See footnote below), and renovating the existing entrance. A new community center was discussed. Over the years MSBU has accomplished a great deal.” (Taken from Citrus Springs 2011 Directory of Residents – “The Citrus Springs Story” by Norma Rourke – Page 4).

The MSBU is governed by the Board of County Commissioners with the assistance of the MSBU Advisory Council. The Advisory Council is required to function under the Florida Sunshine Laws.

The MSBU Advisory Council are volunteers appointed by the Board of County Commissioners. The Council is responsible for both short and long range plans for the revenue generated by the MSBU assessment. The Council allocates funds that add to County Funds set aside for Citrus Springs road resurfacing and Fire Hydrants. As necessary, the Council allocates funds for additional right of way mowings, over and above the 6 per year provided by the County. Also, the Council allocates funds for Citrus Springs landscaping projects and street lights.

Footnote: Re: Mowing the swales.
The County pays for 6 roadside and 12 median mowings per year.
After the County paid mowings are complete, the MSBU may decide that an additional mowing(s) is(are) necessary, in which case MSBU funds will be used for any additional mowing.